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Dear Lioness,

please excuse my absence. Living with a host family, and constantly having two very affectionate kids around your neck, doesn’t leave you much time for nude photography. I’m in a bit of a funk recently. I’m still happy with my new life, I made awesome friends and you saw the Chicago snapchats I hope! Work is fun, my host family is nice. But I also got dumped by a dude I found really cool and you know how that is. I’m trying to endure the dozens of “well he doesn’t deserve you”-pep talks. HOW can you not make something like this about you? Anyway, before I get all whiny about everything again I say here, have me under the shower! I don’t like the photo that much becau- wait, no more whining. 

Lots of love! And hey, what do you do around memorial day? It kind of draws me south…

Rosa ☃ 

Rosa - i’m sorry to hear about your funk - i did see Chicago and i know you’ve got to be having a blast. I’m so excited for you. I’m sorry to hear about the boy, and i won’t serve you up any contrite words but know that your worth isn’t defined by them, even if it feels like it. Memorial day sounds perfect!! I’ll check my calendar.

Her body though.

Our Rosa is most certainly a stunning lady! And that guy is a total fucking arsewipe…

And this is a cracking picture, considering it’s a selfie it has a lovely form and shape to it

Thanks everyone : )

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